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Buckwheat Honey Bundle

Buckwheat Honey Bundle


I saw something at the grocery store the other day that I just had to pass along.  In some ways, it's funny. But in many ways, it also isn't, given everything that's going on in today's world.  

I'm one of the people who wear a face mask and gloves to the grocery store.  I'm not shopping just for my family. I'm shopping for my parents. I'm shopping for the neighbors.  There a number of people around me who are at much higher risk for this virus I am. And as you know, we all have a heightened awareness of what we are touching, who is around us, etc., because of it. 

Anybody who's been to the grocery store has probably seen this situation already.  There is that that one person - maybe right next to you, maybe on the other side of the store.  And they give this quiet little cough. 

Not the horrible cough sending people into the hospital, it's just that little <coughcough>.  But everybody is so sensitive to it right now. It's allergy season, and there's other little bugs and stuff going around, not just that big virus.  But you have that one person and they're going, "Cough, Cough, Cough, cough." 

And everybody looks at them. 

Then the person starts to get real self-conscious. And they start saying, 

"I'm not contagious. Really. It's just allergies. I don't have that virus really!" 

And then YOU become self conscious of it. You're like, "Okay, I just need to clear my throat. Oh, wait a minute. Did that sound like a cough?" 

You know what I mean.  We don't want to be THAT person! 

I got to thinking, we get a lot of questions here regarding honey, for coughs and colds.  I don't usually get into the medicinal use of honey.  That's FDA territory, and involves huge studies and lots of money. 

(HINT:  Us beekeepers are never going to be rich. It's not a secret.) 

But there is this one study by reasearchers at the Pennsylvania State College of Medicine. They did a study on Buckwheat Honey for nighttime coughs for kids. Does Buckwheat Honey help to soothe those coughs? Does it get kids to sleep easier? Does it get the parents to sleep easier because the kids are sleeping easier? And does it work better than standard cough medicine? 

The study concluded that, yes, Buckwheat Honey works better for kids for nighttime coughs than standard cough syrup. And because the kids were sleeping better, the parents were sleeping better. 

So unless you're diabetic, you can use honey for coughs! (Not everybody is keen on taking cough medicine. For example, I'm on a medication that does not react well with cough medicine. But I can take honey, yay me!

During the study, they didn't want the kids to know if they're taking cough medicine or honey.  They used the strongest tasting honey that they could find, and told the kids it was cough medicine.  Hence, they used Buckwheat Honey. 

(I haven't seen studies testing other varieties of honeys, so can't attest to those....)

But there was one other thing that came to mind as I was listening to these people coughing in the grocery store.  At the Renaissance Festivals and other streets festivals we attend, there's a number of performers who pick up our Honey Candy and our honeysticks. There is a lot of dust at these venues, which can irritate the throat.  These Candies and Honeysticks make it easier for the performers to sing and talk and project their voice. 

There is obviously a need for something to soothe coughs, since we are so self conscious about coughing right now. So, I put together a little package, nothing big, some Buckwheat Honey and some Honey Candy. It is a bundled package deal, link is HERE. 

This way, you have the Buckwheat Honey for use at home, and your Honey Candy for the road.  It's easy to keep a few pieces in your car or pocket (or whatever).  When travelling, pop a piece in your mouth before you go in the grocery store and it'll help keep those little irritating coughs away. 

This isn't going to cure the flu or the virus or colds or anything like that. I am not even going to pretend to go there - that's not what we do. But it does help keep some of the irritation down for those self conscious little hacks we have.  

Some of our Buckwheat Honey is starting to crystallize, it's looking real creamy.  When it's liquid. It's dark black, like molasses, like raisins. Right now it has a strong taste, but a texture like a honey butter. I personally don't like the strong tasting honeys, but this isn't bad. 

We are open.  We are not allowing customers up to our office right now. But we are shipping every single day. Follow the link, and check out the Buckwheat Bundle! 

Wash your hands often. Stay safe. And if you find this information at all useful, please 'like' it, 'share' it, and point your friends our way!


BUCK WHEAT HONEY (1-20-2023 17:40)
are there no more 10.ozjars of buckwheat honey all you have is $60-$100 dollar of buckwheat honey no more 10.oz bottles i purchased before

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