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Beeswax Blocks

Beeswax Blocks

It can be tricky to find bulk beeswax for DIY candles and other projects.  The average beekeeper in Maryland owns 2-3 hives, and typically collects less than one pound of wax each year.  Large pollination services process hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds of beeswax each year, but often do not sell in small quantities.

We purchase bulk beeswax, roughly 3,000 pounds each year in 10-30 pound bricks from large pollination services.  These bricks come to us filled with honey and hive debris from the extraction process, so we clean and strain it.  This way, we have on hand plenty of beeswax for candles and beauty products, and clean blocks on hand for our customers.

If you are looking for large bricks of dirty raw wax for your own purposes, please call our office for availability and price.
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Beeswax Block, Clean

Beeswax Block, Clean

Clean beeswax for crafting purposes.
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