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Buckwheat Honey

Buckwheat Honey

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Honey Proves a Better Option for Childhood Cough than OTC's (over-the-counter medications) was published in December of 2007 in the peer-reviewed Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. The paper describes how honey, Buckwheat Honey in particular, significantly reduced the frequency, severity, and bothersome nature of nighttime cough from upper respiratory tract infection. Honey tested significantly better than standard cough medicine!

Buckwheat Honey is also known for being high in antioxidants. A study performed by the University of Illinois showed that the darker the honey, the higher the concentration of antioxidants. Buckwheat Honey had the same amount as a tomato! Plus, a University of California (Davis) study showed that eating approximately 4oz of Buckwheat honey a day boosts the antioxidant activity in plasma!

Buckwheat is grown both to add nutrients back to the land and for its seed. Buckwheat seeds can be ground into a naturally gluten-free flour. Buckwheat seeds can also be used in a gluten-free beer, being used as a malt similar to barley. Groats and farina are natural by-products of buckwheat flour production, and are used in instant cereals and as thickeners in gravies. Buckwheat hulls are used in the furniture industry as a natural fill for those who are allergic to feathers.

Buckwheat Honey is naturally dark and has a strong taste similar to raisins or molasses. HINT: See our recipe for Baklava!

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