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Premium Heather

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The summertime is coming,
And the trees are sweetly blooming,
And the whyld mountain Thyme,
Grows around the purple Heather.

Will you go, Lassie, go?
And we'll all go together,
To pluck whyld mountain Thyme,
From around the purple Heather.
Will you go, Lassie, go?

--Scottish Aire

Scotland is well-known for its mountainous beauty. The Highland moors provide an abundance of heather flowers. In addition to an abundance of Heather Honey (assuming the rain does not dull the crop), heather also provides peat for the fire and dyes for wool and tartan.

Purple heather is the most common. When heather blooms, a beautiful purple haze extends as far as the eye can see. However, the rare white heather is considered lucky. Brides will go to great lengths to find strands of white heather for their bouquet!

We have learned that much of the Heather Honey sold in the US has been cut with Wildflower Honey to ensure consistency of color and taste. Not so with ours! The Bee Folks has been able to obtain pure, unadulterated Heather Honey direct from Scotland. Experience a floral honey unlike any other that is created in the US!

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