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Animal Candles

Bird Candles

Birds have represented power and freedom throughout the ages.  They link the supernatural worlds to the mundane, accompany the soul to the afterlife, appear as messengers or oracles, or may even be deities themselves.  Some carrion eaters represent death, war, and misfortune, while less voracious birds represent peace, love, strength, or wisdom.


Dolphin and Whale Candles

Dolphin and Whale Candles

Dolphins are a symbol of wisdom, harmony, communication, trust, and community.  In Celtic beliefs, dolphins are associated with water, which is used symbolicly to wash away past problems and enter a rebirth.  Dolphins can also represent future hopes - for example, the desire to become as playful as a dolphin.

Whales represent the connection between our conscious and subconscious mind, the realm of intuition and perception.  Whales have become a personal icon for spiritual reflection.  Images of whales in the early 1900's represented good fortune and plenty as they were hunted indiscriminately.  Thus, "Save the Whales" became the anthem of the environmental movement.

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