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4-15-2020 - Arrowleaf Honey Tasting

Arrowleaf Honey Tasting

The Worker Bees at The Bee Folks decided to take a quick break, and went live on FaceBook while taste-testing some of the new varietals we just put up on the website. We don't normally do fancy samplings, but for this we broke out the cornbread, challah bread, and apple slices! The following is a ... More!

4-7-2020 - Buckwheat Honey Bundle

Buckwheat Honey Bundle

quick link to BUCKWHEAT HONEY BUNDLES I saw something at the grocery store the other day that I just had to pass along.  In some ways, it's funny. But in many ways, it also isn't, given everything that's going on in today's world.   I'm one of the people who wear a face m ... More!

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