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Lori_and_Rebecca_teach_the_bees_how_to_collect_honey.The Bee Folks is a small familly company dedicated to the enlightenment of folks about the importance of honeybees. We were introduced to beekeeping in 1996, when we noticed that our small, backyard garden had five tomato plants, but only three tomatoes all summer long. Upon doing some research, we discovered that the honeybee population had nearly died out. So, bee-ing the people we are, we immediately started two hives of our own, right in our backyard. By the end of summer, we had three hives (the bees outgrew their first hive), and today we maintain up to 30 hives.

We originally kept bees at our nice little Baltimore suburban house. The local kids cut through our yard to get to school and the nearby 7-11, and quickly discovered that if they leave the hives alone, the bees would leave them alone. We were rewarded with a tremendous increase in our garden, and the neighbors were rewarded with fresh honey!
However, the business outgrew our nice little suburban house. We spent two years buzzing around five local counties, looking for the perfect little hive to call home. We finally found it in a sleepy town called Poplar Springs, on the outskirts of Mount Airy, MD! We completed the move in 2004, and are expanding our operations on our 2 acre homestead.
In 2005, Dave had a stroke, and Lori gave birth to their daughter. Lori soon quit her day job to concentrate on the family business full-time, watch their daughter grow up, and help her husband recover. Not to be outdone, identical triplet boys arrived after a difficult pregnancy in 2008. Things are both scary and exciting, and we are looking forward to what the future has in store!

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We are a family-owned beekeeping business that specializes in artisanal varietal honeys, beeswax candles, and related products. Please browse the categories below to learn more!


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