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The Truth about the use of Cinnamon and Honey

We have had a number of customers send an article it to us recently, describing the use of honey and cinnamon as a cure for many diseases.  This article has been given many titles, including (but not limited to), "Benefits of Honey that Drug Companies Don't Want to Hear", "Medicinal Properties of Honey and Cinnamon", and "Honey and Cinnamon: Natural Cures and Nature's Remedy".

This article describes a list of diseases that can be cured by the use of honey and cinnamon, published in a 1995 article from a Canadian paper called Weekly World News.  It goes on to describe how to cure anything from the common cold to heart disease and cancer. 

The Weekly World News was actually an American tabloid, not a Canadian newspaper.  It published stories about the location of the Garden of Eden, the progress of Bat Boy, and the Earth politics of the extraterrestial P'lod.  They ceased publication in 2007.  The rights to the name were recently purchased, and the tabloid is undergoing reorganization. 

If you go to the Weekly World News website at www.weeklyworldnews/legal, their disclaimer states, "Weekly World News articles are drawn from a number of different sources and some are fictitious or satirical...The reader should suspend disbelief for the sake of enjoyment."  You can read more about their creative approach to news articles at the wiki,

Some items mentioned in the article have some basis in truth or folklore.  I have heard of a folkloric remedy of honey for acne, and some burn clinics are experimenting with honey wraps to reduce infection.  However, in my opinion, the claim that honey and cinnamon will cure cancer falls into the realm of fictitious.

There are a few scientific studies done, mostly on darker honeys.  The darker the honey, the higher the antioxidant level.  Buckwheat Honey was shown as more effective than dextromethorphan cough syrup for nighttime coughs in kids.  Honey is being explored as part of a dressing in burn centers to prevent infection.

I believe that honey and cinnamon makes a tasty addition to any meal, especially in items such as rice, oatmeal, and tea.  However, we urge our customers to use due diligence prior to depending on it as a cure for anything.

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