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Gift Baskets

Coffee/Tea Mug

Coffee/Tea Mug (2)

Due to popular demand, we now offer The Bee Folks Coffee Mug! Order empty and fill with your own special brew. Pre-filled with Honeysticks or Honey Candy!

(To order an empty mug, take a look in the Misc. Items category!)

Gift Baskets, Beauty (6)

Wonderful baskets filled with Bee Folks' soaps, handcreams, and lipbalms.  Specify the occasion, and we will dress it up for the occasion!

Gift Baskets, General (4)

These gift baskets can be customized for any occasion - Birthday, Christmas, Hannakuh, Thank You...  The list is endless.  Please specify occasion when you place your order.

Gift Baskets, Mead (2)

Send "brew-your-own" gifts to your friends!  The mead kits come with everything you need to brew your own, except for one gallon of water and two pounds of honey.  (And some of these baskets include the honey!)  If you can boil water, you can brew mead.  These kits produce drinkable mead in 1-2 weeks.

Gift Baskets, Seasonal (7)

These baskets were designed with specific times of the year in mind. However, we can make present any of these gifts in generic baskets upon request.