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Animal Candles...
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Remember what they say about pets and their owners!

Celtic Candles (3)

An eclectic array of medieval and celtic-themed candles.

Greenman Candles (5)

Candles associated with the Greenman and Greenwoman

New Age/Celestial Candles

New Age/Celestial Candles (6)

The New Age Movement is an esoteric combination of various theisms, science, astronomy, environmentalism, physics, and psychology.  It can be summarized as an "All is One" or "Mind-Body-Spirit" mentality that draws on the philosophies of many different cultures and religions. 

Activities include meditation, holistic health, crystal healing, and psychic experiences.  However your take on the New Age experience, we have a candle that can help you along your path.

Religious Candles...
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Honey and beeswax has piece in the history of many of the world's major religions. From Christianity to Voodoo, Hindu to Muslim, you can find all sorts of references to the use of beeswax and/or honey in religious rites.

How you use these candles is up to you. We hope you enjoy their beauty, just like we have.

Taper Candles...
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Hand-dipped by yours truly.

Votives/Tealights (2)

Votive Candles and Tea Lights

Wedding Candles (2)

For marriage and handfasting.