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Pillar Candles, Fancy (3)

Need a special candle for a special occasion? Check here!

Our customers purchase these Fancy Beeswax Pillar Candles for everything from weddings to anniversaries.

Pillar Candles, Plain (10)

We often hear, "Your candles are so beautiful, we dare not burn them!"

Fear not the guilt!

Functional and utilitarian, yet just as pure and sweet smelling as other candles. Burn these candles every day, and enjoy the the use!

Estimated burn time on a 3"x3" round candle - 40 hours.

Pillars, Ball (1)

Over time, we have had numerous requests for round candles to fill certain decorative candelabras. The most imaginative one we have seen completely filled a fireplace!

If you are one of those individuals who steps outside the norm, check out these globular offerings:

Pillars, Rose (2)

How better to say, "I Love You" than to give a gift a flowers?

Better yet, how better to say, "I Love You" than to offer a scented bath, surrounded by sweet-smelling beeswax candles, and flowers?

We can't help you with the bath. However, these beautiful Rose-Designed Beeswax Pillars will aid in your endeavors, without killing a defenseless plant!