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Wild Foam Honey

Wild Foam Honey

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Pure Meadowfoam Honey is hard to come by.  The major crop is planted only once every five years (more or less).  There are smaller crops planted in the off years.  However, because of crop size, the bees may hit other crops at the same time.

This particular honey is Meadowfoam Honey gathered during one of the off years.  It may contain Blackberry, Radish, Clover, or other types of honey, most of which give it a sweet flavor.  What is most noticeable is that the strong vanilla-marshmallow-y flavor is diluted, not quite like our Premium Label Meadowfoam Honey.

Because this is the "pure stuff", we have chosen to label it as Wild Foam Honey - a contraction of the words "Wildflower" and "Meadowfoam".

(For more information about Meadowfoam Honey, please follow the link!)
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