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Mead Kits

Name Description Recommended Honey
Blackberry Mead Blackberry Mead is a real treat, based on Blackberries and Rosehips, with Orange Peel, Lemon Verbena, and Cardamon counternotes. Blackberry Honey
Blueberry Honey
Orange Blossom Honey
Blueberry Mead Dried Blueberries (Blueberries, Sucrose, Sunflower Oil), combined with Anise Seed, Fennel Seed, Caraway Seed, and a touch of Cinnamon make this mead a special treat during the Harvest Season. Blueberry Honey
Cranberry Honey
Orange Blossom Honey
Brigid's Mead In homage to Brigid's healing aspect, this mead uses many culinary herbs that are also traditional healing herbs. Rosehips, Lemon Balm, Spearmint, Chamomile, Thyme, Marjoram, Sage, and Rosemary combine in a balanced blend to promote clarity and tranquility. Great herbal iced tea flavor. Tupelo Honey
Wildflower Honey
Basswood Honey
Cherry Gal Mead Cherry Gal is a delicious Cherry Melomel spiked with Galengal. Served when sweet, the honey plays against the Sour Cherry flavor for a splendid drink, touched with a hint of Rosehips and Violet Herb. (Contains dried Sour Cherries with Corn Syrup.) Cranberry Honey
Butterbean Honey
Orange Blossom Honey
Elderberry Mead Elderberry Mead, unlike many other meads, yields a fruity red wine flavor. It is pleasant sweet but also excellent dry for those who prefer a dry red wine. Also contains Hawthornberries, Peaches, Cinnamon, and Spearmint. Butterbean Honey
Southern Belle Honey
Killer Bee Honey
May Mead May Mead was created by combining elements of traditional herbal metheglins with the Sweet Woodruff Herb traditional in May Wine. A light mead with floral notes of Rosehips, Meadowsweet Herb, Hawthorn Herb and Flower, and Red Clover Flower. Pepper Honey
Basswood Honey
Orange Blossom Honey
Midsummer Mead This phenomenal floral Elderflower metheglin is like the best herbal iced tea crossed with a light white wine. Tourced with Rosehips, Chamomile, Spearmint, Meadowsweet, and Vervain. Butterbean Honey
Wildflower Honey
Orange Blossom Honey
Peppermint Mead A refreshing mead with distinct Peppermint flavor offset by the citrus and spice notes of Orange Peel, Hibiscus Flower, Anise Seed, and Cloves. Cranberry Honey
Killer Bee Honey
Orange Blossom Honey
Raspberry Mead Red Raspberries combined with Anise Seed, Fennel Seed, Caraway Seed, and the zing of Crystallized Ginger (Ginger, Sugar) make this mead a special treat for the Harvest Festival. Raspberry Honey
Cranberry Honey
Orange Blossom Honey
Raspberry Lemon Mead Why not brew your own Raspberry Lemonade? This is a modern flavor concept for our historic mead style. Made with Raspberries, Rosehips, Nettle, Leomn Juice Powder (Corn Syrup Solids, Lemon Juice Solids, Natural Flavors), Lemon Peel, Hibiscus Flowers, and Allspice.q Raspberry Honey
Orange Blossom Honey
Tupelo Honey
Spice Mead A classic spiced mead featuring Crystallized Ginger (Ginger, Sugar), Cinnamon, Rosehips, and Nutmeg. Our most popular flavor and a good one to start with. Works over many different honeys, even stronger ones. Killer Bee Honey
Buckwheat Honey
Pepper Honey

We have these kits listed at $9 each, but if you purchase 2 or more kits, they will automatically be discounted more than 5%. You can get even greater savings by purchasing 12 or more kits at a 10% discount!


If you can boil water,
you can make mead in 7 to 14 days...
with this kit, 2 pounds of honey &
a gallon of spring water!

These Short Mead Kits contain everything you need to produce 4 bottles of mead - spices, yeast, cap for the brewing vat, and most importantly COMPLETE YET SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS! The only other items you need to purchase is a gallon of water and two pounds of honey.

The instructions vary somewhat between the different types of mead. In general, you take some of the water from the jug, and drink it. Then you take more of the water from the jug and heat the spices in it. Mix the honey into the remaining water, pour the spice mixture back into the jug, add the yeast, and cover the mix with the enclosed cloth cap.


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