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Favorite for 15+ years (12/31/2017)
I've been using Bee Folks hand cream since 2000 or 2001. It is a serious, heavy treatment that leaves my hands a bit slippery - so I put it on at night. No gloves needed. Rough, dry skin clears up, and I swear it made my fingernails less brittle as well. The grapefruity citrus scent is my favorite - probably 'wrong' from an aromatherapy perspective to use it just before bed, but it makes me so happy!

Jamie - MD
LOVE IT! (1/1/2013)
No matter what, my hands crack and hurt all winter long - as a sales clerk, I handle a lot of money, and wash my hands very often. This stuff works great! So great I need more!

I've also used it in a pinch when I've run out of chapstick- works great on lips too! Doesn't taste nearly as pleasant as the chapstick Bee Folks makes, but works great!

Karen - Kennebunk, Maine
Works great (1/3/2008)
I''ve tried everything you can imagine on my hands in the winter. I''m a teacher and wash my hands all of the time. . .doesn''t take long until they''re dried and cracked. This is heavy when you first put it on, but within 5-minutes or so it soaks in and is the best. It doesn''t wash off and it''s great on cracked heels too!

Linda - Maryland
Handcream (5/28/2005)
Love this. Only product that worked on dried, cracked Feet (tried many including prescription stuff). Have also used on inside of sore nose. Citrus has nice mild fragrance, not flowery.

Billie - California/USA
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