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Best Product Ever (6/9/2017)
I have struggled with Eczema all my life and I am always looking for a product that will heal my skin when it gets bad but that also won't irritate it for daily use. This product is AMAZING! It goes on and does not stay sticky/greasy, it moisturizes my hand with out leaving them feeling wet/damp. This is important when your skin does break out that it doesn't spread to other areas but also to me as a musician. Great product and I couldn't be happier with it!

VA - Falls Church
Scottish heather hand cream (4/19/2017)
Just love the stuff. Soft and silky. And it really works magic on my horribly dry skin. Not just for hands.

Bia - NY
Very pleasant aroma (10/25/2013)
This hand cream comes as a stick, and the texture of oil and beeswax is very light and leaves no residue. It softens skin right away. The fragrance is light and crisp and clean. Very nice!

Christine - Frederick, MD
4 Inch Heels Healer! (9/29/2010)
So being a girl, I am fan of those high heels which make my feet get rough and achy. This stuff rocks! I mean its not going to counteract the fact that you wear 4 inch heels but, it makes my feet feel like butter. Happy feet and hands!

laura - MD
Addicted! (5/27/2010)
I love this hand cream! We saw you at the PA Renfaire and my daughter and I loved this. She bought it for herself(supposedly) and low and behold, It was one of my Christmas gifts! I just love it. It really helps me with my sensitive skin on my hands and feet. I just crave the smell of it!

Jayne - Tennessee, USA
this is the best! (8/23/2009)
tried & bought this at Pennsic, & absolutely love it! my hands (elbows & knees, too) feel great & they are so soft from using this wonderful hand cream!!!

Deanie - richmond, va
Scottish Heather (9/29/2008)
I love this handcream! I sampled some yesterday at the Maryland Ren Fest and had to have some. It smells great and leaves my hands feeling so smooth!

Sara - Maryland, USA
Scottish Heather Handcream (10/20/2006)
I just had to get back to everyone! When I first left a review almost a week ago I was amazed at the smoothness of my hands after just a few days. Now, I want to tell you that not only are my hands as smooth as silk, my elbows are much smoother as well as other dry patches of my body. I guess the bees are TRULY miracle workers. Don't hesitate to purchase this product. I'm 63 years old and have tried many products....this is a GREAT ONE!

Gloria - MD, USA
Scottish Heather Handcream (10/16/2006)
I purchased a 4 oz. jar of Scottish Heather handcream at the Maryland Renaissance Festival yesterday and hoped that it wasn't another $10 wasted on a cream that didn't work. I am surprised and very pleased to tell you that this product does work? I have only used it twice and my hands are 100% softer than they were yesterday at this time. I will never be without it! And, the fragrance is wonderful!

gloria - MD/USA
Try It (9/9/2006)
I just tried a sample today at the Maryland Renaissance Festival and loved it. I was impressed with how soft it made my hands and yet wasn't

Mary Ann - Maryland, USA
Bees at Pennsic (8/20/2006)
I purchased this at Pennsic 35 (2006). It is wonderful! Works great on sunburns!!!

Libby - KY
i heart it (11/13/2005)
this hand cream is great, not greasy and i love the scent

meagan - maryland, usa
Works all day! (3/6/2005)
I bought the Scottish Handcream at the Renaissance festival, and it's definitely the best hand cream I've ever used. I put it on once in the morning, and my hands feel moisturized all day.

Carol - Alexandria, VA
The best!! (2/26/2005)
This hand cream is amazing! My hands/nails usually get horribly cracked and split in the wintertime, but not this winter! Highly recommend this product. Doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy either!

Natasha - Maryland/US
I Love to Hold My Hands! (12/21/2004)
Sixteen jars/bottles of hand creams & lotions have been tossed aside to make a permanent place for this amazing product! After one week, my hands feel like little minks growing from my arms. Delightful, effective, glorious product!!

Joan - Florida
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