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Works as Beard Balm (3/19/2019)
It may be good hand cream, but this is also just the right consistency for moisturizing my beard and mustache. It smells great, and I haven't had issues with it getting in my mouth like I've had with other products.

Bought it at the PA Renn Faire, but sought out the website to buy more!

Tad - Maryland
GREAT product!! (4/4/2017)
My mom bought this for me at the Sheep and Wool festival and I have loved it! This is a solid hand cream with enough moisture in it to really keep hands soft. And many times when using it, people would ask me what I was using that smelled so good. I love this product and wish it were easy to pick up a tube at the farmers market in Philly!! (We have a great one in Rittenhouse-maybe you guys should check it out!!)

Kaeti - Philadelphia, PA
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