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Totally Awesome! (8/27/2018)
This is not like a lotion you buy in a store. 1) The fragrance is great. 2) You use much less and 3) (and the BEST reason) is that it REALLY works! It deeply penetrates and softens skin well in minutes! I tried and bought some at the PA Renfaire yesterday and am already on the site today to see what else they have and to make sure I can order more :)

Laura - PA/ USA
Great lotion (11/12/2016)
I have very dry skin and I have a lot of allergies. I love this lotion. I am not allergic to anything in it and it is the best lotion I ever used. Also, I have the lipower balm and it is equally as good.

Sabrina - PA
Healthy Hands, Lips and Feet (2/16/2016)
This stuff is AWESOME!! I picked some up and LOVE the tubes. It's compact enough I can fit it anywhere; my desk, purse, glove box, anywhere. And the cream is wonderful. I use it on my lips and they stay moist. (There's no taste to the cream so on the lips is no problem.) I use it on my hands throughout the day, and I use it on my feet when my heels crack. Rubbed in well, covered with a thin pair of socks, and the cracks have healed by morning. And the smell! Swoon!! Sometimes I just open the container to take a whiff of the smell and then... Sigh. Heaven! It gives my soul a lift to smell it. Thanks Bee Folks!

Helen - VA
Wonderful (12/4/2015)
Found this on Main St. Sykesville, MD. Perfect for the purse, excellent for my dry, cracked hands!

Maryland - Sykesville
The best! Great for sensitive skin (10/15/2015)
I purchased this handcream for the first time last year at the MD Renn Fest. This stuff really works!

I have super sensitive skin and a tendency towards eczema, and I find this handcream to be super soothing. It's moisturizing, great for your nails, and the Scottish Heather is a lovely delicate fragrance that doesn't irritate. I always looked forward to using it and, once it was all gone, I could not wait for Renn Fest to come around again so I could get more! This is my go-to hand cream now. I love that it's local and all natural.

Abby - Maryland
SO-Oh so Soothing! (1/22/2013)
I was given this handcream as a gift from my mother-in-law for Christmas. Since then, I have fallen in love! Not only does it last, but most importantly it WORKS! My hands have never felt to smooth without feeling greasy.And P.S., I'm extremely picky. Go Bee Folks! Just ordered more

Elizabeth - Recent transplant fron Fells Point, Baltimore. Currently Charles Town, WV
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