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Love it (12/16/2007)
The bar has an incredible scent. It lingers in the bathroom after I''ve showered, and on my skin. I really enjoy the soap''s texture, thick and smooth with a full lather. Most soaps dry out my skin, but this stuff feels great.

Michelle - Laurel, MD
good stuff (5/6/2007)
Loved the stuff. Sad when my bar ran out. It smells great. I liked the fact that it is brown. Too many strong, flower scented, green, white, or blue soap bars on the market.

Bill - Silver Spring MD
Unexpected (12/14/2005)
I was wonderfully surprised with this soap. The scent first enticed me, and I found the lather and creaminess to be great for my skin. The earthy scent lingered, creating a relaxing aromatherpy that stayed with me.

Pat - VA