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Still waiting (3/28/2013)
Poor communication from company, ordered and was charged over a month ago. Took weeks to get a reply, still no honey. I was told production delays. What does that mean? Bee's aren't doing their job? How about an email or phone call

CA - Cypress
rip off (6/3/2010)
your company is trying to capitalize on the stupidity of the normal person. my name is don witt i am a 5th generation bee keeper, my grandfather and grandmother were bee keeper of the world 3 years in a row, beekeeper of the united states 2 years, president of the beekeeper association. my grandmother went to russia by herself during the cold war to teach the russian gov`t how to keep bees to keep their country alive. we run for pollenation and honey all bees due to inter-breeding have some form of africanized bee genes in them. You are trying to plpay the hipe on killer bee honey. i surpose that is okay for someone that has no respect for beekeeping or the customers they try to fool. If you wish to address this issue further, feel free to contact me. shouldn`t try to use such blaitent hipe to sell such a wonderful product. all honey varies in taste every year due to environment and weather.

don - michigan/usa
Killer Bee Honey (12/11/2008)
This honey, by far, is the most interesting I have ever eaten. As advertised it has a caramel flavor that, in my opinion, borders on buttery. With a very delicate flower under tone. I for one do not believe any of the rumors/stories that Killer Bee Honey causes women to be amoriously agressive. I have not seen this, yet.

Louis - Columbus Ohio
Killer Bee Honey (11/8/2007)
This year''s crop tastes like burnt plastic. Not for human consumption in my opinion. I got stuck with 60 lbs of the stuff.

Mark Lamoureux - Massachusetts
Killer Honey (10/29/2007)
I consider myself a connoisseur of fine, raw honey & this killer bee honey is in the top 2 or 3 of the 500+ honey varieties that i''ve tried.
It is truly amazing. Not only is the taste multi-faceted & rich, but you can tell a difference in the over-all strength as well (insofar as enzymatic reactions are concerned, & most likely antiseptical & other noted properties of raw honey.

Joseph - Louisville, Ky
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