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Great Tea Honey (6/13/2016)
This honey goes well with a variety of tea flavors. It has a light taste that doesn't alter your tea flavor.

Nicole - Maryland
Such a delicious honey (8/16/2014)
I really love this honey with its light yellow creamy color. It is so good and sweet. Went through it in less than a week.

Sherry - Fountain Inn/SC
Nice (4/15/2014)
This is a nice creamed honey that goes well with lemon in tea, or with fruit. The peach flavor is barely noticeable, but still good. If you like creamed honeys, give this one a try.

Charlemange - MD, USA
Fantastic honey!! (11/4/2013)
I have never really liked honey, but I decided to try this one because I was buying a jar of it for a friend. It is AMAZING! It has a subtle flavor that goes great with tea. I am definitely going to have buy some more soon because I'm running out quickly!

Kat - Northern VA
Incredible! (3/18/2010)
This honey is the best I have ever tasted and I''ve tried every kind here and many elsewhere. Each taste is reminiscent of southern wildflowers. Delightful!

Chris - Chrisb
Wow (3/1/2009)
This was the single best honey I have ever tasted. I tried all of the honeys that were available at the Maryland Ren Faire and just fell in love with this one. I use this on fruit or in my tea. It adds such a great amount of sweetness and a wonderful hint of peaches too! I need to get another bottle.

Breanna - MD USA
Plain, regular honey (2/2/2008)
While smoother than store-bought clover honey, Southern Belle honey tasted like clover honey with no particular flavor except sweetness and perhaps a hint of mint. Compared with other honey we tried, it was bland. A good choice for those who want a "regular" honey, perhaps.

Anna - Tennessee
Highly Recommended (10/9/2007)
I first purchased this honey after going through an extensive honey tasting during the 2006 Maryland Rennaisance Festival. It ended up being a tough choice at the end, but I decided to go with the Southern Belle based on the distinctive taste. The Peach flavor is definitely there. I enjoyed every ounce of this honey. It goes especially well with the Peach Green tea that I drink in the morning. I enjoyed it so much that I had to go back this year (2007) to buy another half gallon. This honey may not be for everyone I do realize, but if you are looking for something with a distinctive taste, yet not overpowering, this very well may be the honey for you.

Mike - Maryland, USA
tastiest yet (1/22/2006)
Purchased some Southern Belle at the MD Renn Festival 2005, it lasted no time at all once we brought it home, everyone in the house loved it. Plan to purchase lots more.

Suzanne - Maryland
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