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Perfect! (4/23/2016)
I buy these every year at the MD RennFaire. I'm T1D and love these to keep on hand for lows and for a portion controlled bit of honey when I want some at breakfast. Personally I like the darkest sticks (the killer bee) best but the others are delicious too.

Amazing! (1/26/2011)
I get the honey sticks every year. They are AMAZING. This honey is the best and I always have to visit the store when I go to the PA Ren Faire.

Sarah - New Jersey, US
Best Honey EVER!! (3/9/2010)
I ordered the regular honey sticks, LOVE them! I keep them in my drawer at work for a quick little snack!

Jessica - Louisiana
Honey sticks (2/4/2010)
I absolutely love the honey sticks. Every year my family and I attend the Pennsylvannia Renaissance Fair and our favorite treat is the honeysticks. We''re all hooked!

Hailey - New Jersey
Awesome! (11/18/2008)
I buy honey sticks for my elementary students from the Ren Faire every year. They LOVE them! They''re a nice, healthy snack to hold them over before lunch. Now that I have the website link, I think I''m going to splurge on a big pack for my kids. Oh . . . and for me too . . . :)

Jennifer - Baltimore, MD
Wonderful! (10/22/2008)
Found your booth at the MD Renfaire...your honeysticks are delicious and you have become my new shop for mead-making supplies. :)

Noel - Alexandria, VA
truly lifesaver! (7/16/2008)
My husband is diabetic, and we keep a couple in the car and his office for emergencies. Better than candy or pure sugar. Perfect to stir and sip tea, and share with friends. I started by ordering a few samples with the charms, then splurged for the 250 pack, and love to take them along for road trips, easily and mess free. Love to amaze people with the varied color and distinct *not artificial* flavors.

Lisa - Sacramento
honeystick bundle (1/14/2008)
I en my own enjoyed,had fun and cooked with ur 250 assorted bundle. I tell ya we gave the styx as presents,to all that walked through our door and not one of em did en''t have smile on their faces. The teas,soups,muffins,coffee,veggies and fish all turned out sooooo good. Thank u en yours.

Ann - Fl. U.S.A
Portable goodness (12/27/2007)
I pick these up everytime I''m up at the PA RenFaire. I carry them around in my purse or backpack. They are the perfect size for one cup of tea, just break it open, squeeze it. I use it like a straw to drink my tea.

Kelly - South Jersey, USA
Yum! (10/23/2007)
I buy a hundred or so every year and enjoy them all year until pennsic or MD ren faire roll around again- they are awesome!

Laura - Maryland
Natural Goodness (9/28/2007)
Met you at renaissance Festival in Annapolis, MD. I fell in love with the honey sticks. I have a constant sweet tooth. The Honey sticks are just the right size to cure the "condition". Honey sticks are also all natural. Keep up the great work and call me when you get the pumpkin pie honey together:-)

Denise - Hyattsville, Md
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