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Apple Honey Tasting

Apple Honey Tasting
The Worker Bees at The Bee Folks decided to take a quick break, and went live on FaceBook while taste-testing some of the new varietals we just put up on the website. We don't normally do fancy samplings, but for this we broke out the cornbread, challah bread, and apple slices! Part 1 of this special sampling is described below.

If you would like to see all of the shenanigans, you can find in the original live feed here.

Lori - Founder of The Bee Folks
Paisley - Production Manager
Christen - Girl Friday, previous salesperson
Robyn - Office manager
Brannon - one of the Bee Folks Triplets

Apple Honey

Paisley - This reminds me of biting into an apple, but not having any of the skin taste. Just the juicy inside Apple meat. The Apple Honey on apple slices is like apple juice. It's like super Apple. It's one of my favorites. I think the apple honey with cinnamon would be like really good on anything. And I bet it would be good on Brie, too.

Christen - Like a yellow Golden Delicious apple. It's really good on the apple slice. It's not too sweet, so it doesn't overpower the apple. Maybe use it in a yogurt parfait.

Robyn - kind of applesaucy, apple butter. I'm not a foodie, so I'm not expert, but Apple Honey is probably one of the more delicious honeys we've had. It's my new favorite. I think my favorite way to eat the apple honey is by itself. Or on Ritz crackers.

Brannon - tastes like apple.

Lori - This is a nice light color, a sweet honey. Tastes like apples. The apple slice itself is tart, but the Apple Honey on it sweetens it up really nice, it's very complimentary. I'm thinking 'oatmeal'.


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