L'Shanah Tovah!!!!!!

We are shipping
Everywhere.  Yes, there too.
(Except Russia. Slava Ukraini!)

Shipping update through 10/31/22.

Good news and bad news!

Good news - our sales at our two booths at the Maryland Renaissance Festival are exceeding expectations - by a lot!  It is keeping us busy on the homestead to keep the shelves full each weekend!

Bad news - if you are ordering online, you may experience a delay in shipping.  We are shuffling a lot of stock right now, and there are times we need to pull stock back from the Renaissance Faire.  If you need to meet a deadline, please email us at beefolks at gmail dot com, or call our office at 410-489-6091.

We expect to return to our normal level of craziness at the end of October.  Just in time for Hannukah and Christmas orders!


We are working on some exciting new ideas around the homestead!  Keep an eye open for news in the near future!

Customer Pickups By Appointment Only - If you wish to pickup at our office in Mount Airy, MD, place an order through our website, and choose "Contactless Pickup" as your shipping option.  We will contact you when your order is ready.  Then simply tell us what day and time you would like to stop by.  We will leave your order just outside our office door at the designated time, and you can simply swing by and pick it up.

As Maryland transitions through opening, we are constantly evaluating how to best meet the needs and safety of customers and staff.  Thank you for your understanding as we navigate these unprecendented times.