Rose Ball Candle

Rose Ball Candle
This rose ball is approximately 4" across and displays a single, perfect bloom. Makes a great addition to a romantic evening!
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Rose Pillar Candle, Large
Rose Pillar Candle, Large This pillar has three roses, one in each stage of development - fresh bud, just opening, and fully opened.

Standing approximately 9" tall and 3" across, we estimate the burn time to be close to 100 hours. Perfect for whatever romantic encounter you have planned for tonight!

Our Price: US$40.00

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Scottish Heather Handcream, 0.75oz
Scottish Heather Handcream, 0.75oz Our Scottish Heather Handcream contains a combination of fragrant Heather oil and delicate Lilac oil. Perfect as a relaxing massage lotion. All of our handcreams are all natural with no animal fats. Our Price: US$5.00

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Knitted Pillar
Knitted Pillar This is a cute pillar, designed to be burned, but looks like it was knitted! Our Price: US$10.00

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Beauty in a Bag (Tranquil Lavender)
Beauty in a Bag (Tranquil Lavender) This cute little gift has everything your loved one needs to start the day:

1. A bar of Tranquil Lavender Honey and Beeswax Soap.
2. A 4oz jar of Tranquil Lavender Handcream to soothe the skin.
3. A pocket-size Black Cherry Lipbalm to coat chapped lips.
4. A scrubby scrunchy for use in the bath.

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