Balance & Tranquility Buddha Candle

Balance & Tranquility Buddha Candle
Our largest Laughing Buddha candle brings balance to your household, with prayer beads in one hand and his sack of good fortune beside him.
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6x4x7 inches

The Laughing Buddha is known by many names - Hotei, Po Tai, Budai, The Loving One, The Friendly One. Always shown with a full figure and a bare chest, he is the god of laughter, happiness, and philosophical contentment. The big belly is a symbol of happiness, luck, and generosity. He is often portrayed with a sack containing gifts of good fortune, including candy and treats for children. He is the patron saint of the weak, of children, of fortunetellers, and of bartenders.

The bare ears have been permanently stretched by heavy jeweled earrings worn prior to attaining spiritual enlightenment, a reminder of the heavy weight of material possessions. He is often depicted holding a begger's bowl, a sack filled with good fortune and treats for kids, a fan representing happiness and joy and to grant wishes, a wealth ball, gold ingots, meditation beads, or playing with children.

Laughing Buddha is often placed at eye level, since it is considered rude to look down upon a deity. For the same reason, do not place him on the floor, or in the bathroom. Keep him away from electrical outlets or electrical equipment so they do not disturb his energy.

Feng Shui practitioners recommend placing Laughing Buddha near the entrance to the home, facing the door, so he can embrace the incoming energies and add prosperity and happiness to the household. In the office, he is kept at the work desk in order to enhance luck and to prevent betrayals and arguments with colleagues. It is also recommended to use the largest Laughing Buddha possible, so there is plenty of belly to rub for luck and prosperity.

Our Laughing Buddha Candles are made from 100% pure beeswax, and hand-made in our studio in rural Maryland.
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