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Titus Gold Honey

Titus Gold Honey

What is Titus Gold Honey?  

It is the raw local Wildflower Honey collected from our personal beehives, gathered from the wild flower blossoms of the Piedmont Plateau in Central Maryland.  It is typically a light colored honey with a sweet flavor, and a bit of a bite in the aftertaste.

What is a Wildflower Honey?  

It is a multi-floral honey. If many different varieties of plants bloom at the same time, the bees do not segregate the honey - it all gets mixed together in the hive.  Hence, Wildflower Honey can vary from year to year, depending upon weather and available floral sources.

The main honey source in our area is the Black Locust Tree and the Tulip Poplar Tree.  However, the season starts with maple trees and skunkweed blooming along the creek, and continues with dandelion, clover, chickweed, wild blackberry, mulberry, ornamental cherry, alfalfa.....and whatever happens to be growing in my garden.  There are always very limited amounts available, and it sells out quickly!

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