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Avocado Honey

Avocado Honey

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What is Avocado Honey?  Simply put, it is the honey derived from the pollination of avocado blossoms by European Honeybees.  The average avocado tree bears 500 fruits each year.  By placing 1-2 hives per acre, the production of fruit increases 350%, AND the fruit is heavier by 20%!  Avocado Honey tastes like dark buttery caramel with a touch of anise.

Avocado trees originated in the state of Puebla, Mexico, but are now grown all over the world in subtropical and tropical climates.  The word "avocado" derives from the Nahuatl word ahucatl (scrotum) - a descriptive of the shape of the fruit.  (Gives a whole new perspective on the word "guacamole", hmmm?)  On the other hand, the same plant is known as Butter Fruit in India, referring to the flavor of the flesh.

The United States is the third largest avocado producer in the world, behind Mexico and Brazil.  California produces roughly 90% of the US avocado crop, most of which is eaten within the states.  However, our Avocado Honey derives from Miami, Florida, which produces roughly 9% of the US crop.  (Hawaii produces the remaining 1%).


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