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Bee Folks Honey Dust vs Kama Sutra Honey Dust

When we vend at street festivals, we always get at least one couple grinning like maniacs, nudging each other with a look in their eye, and commenting to each other, "Look, Dear, Honey Dust!"

Sometimes, they give us a knowing look as well, and discreetly make a purchase.  Sometimes, they enlighten us as to the reason behind their joy.  Sometimes, they enlighten us with more merriment than necessary.

Let me tell you Folks right now - yes, we know about Honey Dust.  AND Kama Sutra Powder.  AND the alternative uses for such things.

If you don't already know the alternate uses of Honey Dust, I'm not going to explain.  There are plenty of other sites and Youtube videos that can enlighten you.  Heck, even if you already think you are familiar with Honey Dust, there are YouTube videos where you can learn more.  Have fun searching.

What I WILL do for you is explain the difference between Bee Folks Honey Dust and Kama Sutra Honey Dust.

Ingredient list:  Cane Sugar, Honey

Bee Folks Honey Dust is a combination of cane sugar and honey.  It is a specialized sugar source used by bakeries that want to add honey to their products, but don't necessarily want to use standard honey.

For example - say you have a great recipe for Wheat Bread, but you want to also offer a Honey Wheat Bread.  Honey contains roughly 17% water.  You can't use the same recipe as your standard wheat bread without removing liquid from someplace else in the recipe.

However, Honey Dust is a mixture of cane sugar and honey, dried down to a granular form.  You don't have to adjust for the water content the water is all gone!  It tastes sweeter than straight cane sugar, so you can reduce calories by using less of it.  And you can turn that wonderful Wheat Bread recipe and make a Honey Wheat Bread without having to make any modifications to the recipe.

Ingredient list:  varies, but typically includes corn starch, cane sugar, honey, silica, flavor/scent, artificial sweetener, and preservatives.

Kama Sutra Honey Dust is well-known and excellent product line.  Their ingredient list isn't 100% natural, but then again, it isn't designed for the kitchen.  Well, at least not like OUR line is.......  Kama Sutra's line is more of a powder, and some of the elements are present in order to keep it a powder, and to keep it flowing.

Kama Sutra Honey Dust is used as a body powder, a dry shampoo, and a marital aid.  I suppose you COULD use it to bake with.......but keep an eye on the price per ounce!

In Conclusion:

So there you have it.  Two products, made for two different purposes, similar names.  Potentially interchangeable, but choose whichever one is best for your needs.

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