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Is All Honey Kosher?

In general, pure honey is inherently Kosher.

Kosher is a term applied to foods that are fit for consumption by Jewish dietary laws.  These laws can be intricate, but fall into three broad categories:

1.  Some foods are inherently kosher, as long as they have received no further processing.  Pure fruits and vegetables, for example.  Pure oils.  And honey!

2.  Some foods are kosher when supervised.  The majority of processed foods fall into this category.

3.  Some foods are never kosher, like shellfish and pork.

However, not all honey on the market is pure honey!  Some companies sell flavored honey, or honey mixed with fruit or spices.  In these instances, all components need to be kosher, and all equipment used to create the final product must be kosher.  

Some families hold themselves to very strict set of Kashrut (dietary laws).  For these families, ALL foods must be inspected and certified kosher by a rabbi, either from within their own congregation, or from a suitable certifying agency.  The inspection takes a look at other foods that may be processed at the same facilities, and ensures that there is no cross-contamination between kosher and non-kosher foods.

Here at The Bee Folks, we are inspected annually by Rabbi Goldberg with Star-K.  They have been great partners with regards to our understanding and adherence to Kosher dietary laws.  

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