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Getting Started in Beekeeping

How to Get Started in Beekeeping

We are often asked for details on how to get started in beekeeping. Invariably, we point people towards their local beekeeping organization.

In Maryland, the local organizations sponsor "short courses", which typically two nights a week for four weeks, plus one Saturday. The cost typically runs $15-$60, and covers whatever books, hall rentals, etc., are required. Instructors are typically volunteers, and are not paid.

These courses are excellent courses, and many beekeepers take them multiple times, since the highlighted information can vary according to the instructor. However, in general, the course covers how to get your bees, how to put your equipment together, where to purchase your bees and equipment, how to install your bees, how to check for diseases, how to extract honey, and how to winter-over your equipment.

Maryland Beekeeping Associations

The Eastern Apiculture Society has a comprehensive list of east coast, beekeepers, including Maryland beekeeping organizations, on their website. This list includes each clubs contact information and current website. Please note, not all clubs have websites, but most do.

Pennsylvania Beekeeping Associations

The Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association maintains a list of Pennsylvanian beekeeping organizations. They display a map that is divided into counties, and by placing the cursor over the county of interest, you can find the local beekeeping clubs and bee inspectors.

Virginia Beekeeping Associations

The Virginia State Beekeepers Association maintains an up-to-date list of Virginian beekeeping associations on their website. Their website includes a map to help you pick the organization closest to you.

West Virginia

The West Virginia Beekeepers Association maintains an up-to-date list of West Virginian beekeeping associations on their website. Each association has contact information listed with it, and most have an email address and/or a website listed.

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