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My Honey Is Solid. Has It Gone Bad?

Solid or chunky honey has not gone bad, it is crystallizing. Honey is a highly concentrated sugar solution. The crystallization of honey is similar to the process used to make rock candy in school!

Different honeys will crystallize at different rates. It is believed that this is dependent upon the ratio of the different sugars found in honey, as well as the temperature at which the honey is stored at.

Some people prefer their honey "chunky". For example, if you use honey primarily in tea, a scoop of crystallized honey is easier to measure and less likely to create a mess, plus it will dissolve just as quickly! Also, try mixing crystallized honey with peanut butter (see our recipe section) for a wonderful treat!

However, if you prefer liquid honey, simply gently heat the jar. We recommend boiling a pot of water, taking it off the stove, then place the jar in the water and wait for it to cool. (If you honey is in a plastic jar, scoop some out and place it in another dish first!) Alternatively, you could heat it slowly in the microwave for a few seconds (up to a few minutes) and stir.  If it is still crystallized, let it stand for a few minutes, then repeat until it is liquid.

Gentle heating will not destroy flavor or negate the properties of raw honey. Heating too quickly can scorch the honey (and burned sugar does not taste very good)!

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My honey is solid. Has it gone bad?
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