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How Do Bees Make Honey?

Bees will travel up to 2 miles to reach a flower source. They will eat nectar from that flower, and bring it back to the hive. During the trip, honey is stored in a special organ that produces enzymes. These enzymes break the nectar down into simple sugars, which we call honey. When the bees return to the hive, they place the honey into cells in their hive for storage.

Honey at this stage is wet and it will spoil if left alone. Therefore, bees will stand on top of the honey and fan their wings, drying the honey in the process. During a drought season, the grass immediately in front of the hives may be green because of all the water the bees are taking out of the honey!

When the honey is dry, it will contain less water than ambient air. At this point, the bees will place a layer of wax on top of the cell, sealing the honey and preventing it from soaking up more water.

So, if you want to be base, honey is dried bee vomit. (But, hey, think of where milk comes from!)

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