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How Do You Tell Your Bees Which Honey To Go To?

We do not. Bees will go to the closest, freshest flowering source, and work it until it is done flowering. Then they will find a new flower source.

Bees can be manipulated somewhat. For example, beehives are moved from Florida to Maine in order to pollinate the blueberry fields. The beekeepers remove the honey after the blueberry fields are done flowering. This way, the beekeepers ensure that they have Blueberry honey.

In Maryland, many things bloom at once. The bees might find dandelions, clover, tulip poplar, black locust, skunkweed, and any number of blooming gardens during our honey season. We let the bees go where they will, and the resultant honey is called Wildflower honey. Moreover, because a neighbor a few blocks away may have a different combination of plants near him, he may have a dark Wildflower honey, while we may have a light Wildflower honey.

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How do you tell your bees what honey to go to?
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