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What Is Raw Honey?

Some people look for raw honey for specific reasons. Raw honey still has enzymes, proteins, and minerals that would be destroyed if honey was heated.  Discerning critics believe raw honey tastes better than heated honey.  

Anecdotal evidence says that a spoonful of local honey each day, taken over a series of months, will help build up resistance to allergies.  The idea is that the body receives small doses of pollen over a period of time, similar to allergy shots.  (Please note:  We have not seen scientific studies that prove or disprove this idea, although it is our understanding several studies are underway right now.)

It is recommended that infants under the age of 1 not eat honey, since a bacteria that causes botulism has been found in some honey samples.  However, once an infant can eat a solid-food diet (which is typically around age 1), honey is ok.  Pregnant and breast-feeding women can eat honey without fear of harming the child, since the acidity and microorganisms in a normal adult gut kill the bacteria.

One sign that you have pure, raw honey is a crystallized state.  Not all raw honey is crystallized.  For instance, Tupelo Honey is known for rarely crystallizing.  However, heat processing increases the length of time that it takes to honey to crystallize, and additives such as corn syrup will prevent honey from crystallizing.  (For information on how to turn honey liquid again, please see 'My Honey is Solid.  Has it Gone Bad?')

Most of our honey is raw, and will be described as such in the product descriptions.  If you are uncertain, please ask!

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