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Why Would Someone Want Heated Honey?

Bakers in particular look for honey that has been heated to a point where enzymatic activity has been destroyed. Enzymatic activity in honey can interact in some products, reducing shelf life. For instance, if raw honey was used in a butter frosting, the enzymatic activity will make the butter turn faster than normal.

Most home cooks need not be concerned about enzymatic activity affecting their cooking. Bakeries are concerned about shelf lives of 1-2 weeks, whereas home-made products are eaten relatively quickly.

What is honey?
How do bees make honey? It is just bee barf, right?
What do you add to your honey to give it different flavors?
How do bees give honey different flavors?
How do you tell your bees what honey to go to?
What is raw honey?
So why would someone want heated honey?
Is your honey raw?
Can anyone eat honey?
My honey is solid. Has it gone bad?
What is pollen?
What is Royal Jelly?
What is beeswax? Is it bee poop?
So what is bee poop?
What do bees use beeswax for?
How are beeswax candles different from paraffin candles?

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