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Can Anyone Eat Honey?

Honey is not recommended for children under the age of 1. One medical case years ago traced a case of botulism in an infant to the honey served the night before. The undeveloped digestive system of an infant could make it susceptible to such toxins. Unfortunately, the study did not determine how the botulism was introduced to the honey (ie, was something dipped into it?). However, because of this case, the honey industry recommends that children under the age of 1 do not eat honey.

In addition, diabetics should be careful when using honey as a substitute for cane sugar. After all, honey is pure sugar! However, some diabetics believe Tupelo honey affects blood sugar levels less than other types of honey. If you are a diabetic, please check with your doctor and/or the ADA before adding honey to your diet.

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Is your honey raw?
Can anyone eat honey?
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How are beeswax candles different from paraffin candles?

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