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Tea additive... (11/17/2014)
I have discovered that adding Cranberry Honey to my Peach Melba Decaf Tea
makes the most excellent brew!

Jim - Laurel, MD
Yumm (10/28/2013)
Since the raspberry is no longer being made the cranberry is now my favorite! I can't believe I didn't buy it sooner! I hope this honey stays around for a long time!!!

Ashley - Maryland
Love it! (7/16/2010)
Every year, I always stop by the Bee Folks'' stand at the PA Renaissance Faire. Last year, I decided to taste some of the cranberry honey. After I tasted it, I bought a 16 oz jar of it. Now, my jar is almost empty, and I''m three months away from going to the Faire again. So, I''m buying my next jar off the website, because I just can''t wait three months! Instead of putting syrup on my waffles, I drizzle on some cranberry honey. I buy organic berry waffles, and the flavor combination is to die for!

Melissa - Pennsylvania
Cranberry Honey Mead (6/28/2010)
I made a one gallon test batch of mead with this honey last November. It was a simple basic still dry mead fermented with champagne yeast. After sampling a bottle this past week (8 months later), all I can say is it is absolutely amazing - the aroma of sweet cranberries and a smooth pleasing taste with just a hint of sweetness. I am going to do a 5 gallon batch only sparkling this time which should enhance the beautiful aroma. I make a lot of beer but this will become one of those special beverages to serve to our more adventurous friends. I recommend giving this honey a try.

Bill - San Diego
The very best! (8/8/2009)
Cranberry honey is my absolute favorite! It''s got a slightly tangy aftertaste, and is delicious in strong tea. Mix it with powdered ginger, and drizzle over fresh peaches for one of the best desserts you''ve ever tasted!

Maggie - Chicago
Mmm Good! (11/5/2008)
I love Cranberry Honey. I am from Massachusetts and this honey brings a little taste of home to Virginia. Awesome flavor!

Kathleen - Virginia/USA
honey (11/7/2007)
Your idea of cranberry honey is one of my favorets I use it while i''m cooking also in breads,cookies and tea time

Ann - Florida
This is the best honey (1/12/2006)
I purchase a jar of this honey in 2004 during the Renaissance Festival. My jar was getting a little low in July and my plans were to make it back to the Festival in 2005 to purchase more, especially for gifts. This is a great tasting honey for food, tea, etc.. I kept the jar so I could no how to obtain more. So now I'm on the website purchasing more of the fantastic tasting honey.

Jackie - Virginia/USA
Peanut Butter & Honey (9/18/2005)
This honey is so awesome... I used it on toast with some peanut butter and mmm... it was good!

Jen - Maryland
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